Sugar addiction, at this particular time, is’t a problem for you?

Nady Nadhira.

I hope you are well. I know that we don’t all experience lockdown the same way, some continue to work, others can no longer work (which is my case) and then there are those who are happy not to work anymore. But as many, I had well experienced the first lockdown, as much as I feared the second because I imagined that all my commitments were going to be stopped outright. However, a few weeks ago, I was in such a state of stress that I must admit that this dreaded confinement gives me the serenity I needed. During times of stress my sugar consumption skyrockets ! However, at the beginning of the year, I had found a remedy for my compulsions. It was after listening to a podcast on Sybel, a podcast dedicated to Alix @alixcherry on Insta, that I decided to give it a try. During her second pregnancy Alix shares how she managed to break her sugar cravings, especially since she had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Her doctor had advised her to eat two spoonfuls of cottage cheese at the end of the meal, cottage cheese without sugar of course.

 I gave it a try and my sugar cravings disappeared very quickly. But after the lockdown, I found myself facing a whole bunch of problems to resolve and as a result I gradually increased my doses of sugar to such an extent that at the beginning of October I could only eat sweet.

The method to remedy this addiction is therefore not expensive, I don’t recommend 0% cottage cheese because it’s not creamy enough. In my opinion, it is not only the virtues of cottage cheese that cut off sugar compulsions, cottage cheese is certainly interesting from a nutritional point of view: rich in protein and calcium. Generous in acids, it also has satiating power. It contains a protein called “casein”, interesting for gaining muscle mass and provides peptide known to stimulate collagen production. But I’m sure it fools the brain because even without the sugar it looks like dessert. And you ? sugar addiction, at this particular time is it a problem for you?



One thought on “Sugar addiction, at this particular time, is’t a problem for you?

  1. It’s a problem for me all the time !
    I really struggle with my sugar consumption. And like you I tend to sweet binge when I’m stresses or tired which only makes it worst.



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