Hope is our nature.

Rachel Castle.

What I can do in one day, I do in three. Sometimes, I have the impression of living in a fiction like the day when I found myself alone in the aisles of a shopping center which had just installed Christmas decorations.
Under my mask ? I hide two stitches after an unimportant surgical intervention and some scabs due to the passage of nitrogen in order to erase a few spots that I catch when I exposed me too much sun. Yesterday I finished the free meditation program offered by Deepak Chopra. I love the meditations guided by Deepak Chopra. I signed up for this 22-session program a few days before lockdown.This program was intended to work on hope, the hope that is in us because it is our nature but which is sacked by different influences and at the moment it is difficult to keep hope. If you wish to follow this program, I recommend that you take notes because it is gradually fading. Am I still hopeful ? Not so good, I admit, but as soon as I feel that I am sinking into pessimism I tell myself that I am able of reactivating hope, even if I find it hard to imagine what will be allowed to me in a few weeks, in a few months. 


4 thoughts on “Hope is our nature.

  1. Je suis dans le même état d’esprit que toi… même en faisant quelques efforts (yoga, activités diverses et variées ), il est difficile de rester positif par les temps qui courent. Ces confinements à répétition (que je comprends, mais pas sous cette forme de répression avec attestation en poche 😡) finissent pas nous atteindre le moral.
    Merci pour le site de méditation. Bon courage à toi !

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  2. I have the same feeling.
    I even have the impression of being punished by irresponsible parents. In my town, when we go out, we have to wear a mask too :) And then after Christmas another turn of the screw.

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  3. I might try this guided meditation program. I’m trying to work on my breathing which is quite bad.
    When I’ m losing faith and hope, I thinks about my grand-mothers, their lifes, their struggles, their courgae and it boosts me. I can feel their kindness around me…..
    Hang in there and it will get better !

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