Life is beautiful and vulnerable.

In France, we have found a little freedom. Let’s hope we won’t be deprived of our liberty in january ! This last week of lockdown has been cruel. I lost my best friend. My best friend was a dog : Zebulon. I had so many good times with him, especially during the two lockdowns. Since then I feel my life is vulnerable. So vulnerable that I will apply myself to give it a new path.

3 thoughts on “Life is beautiful and vulnerable.

  1. Your news is too sad ! Zebulon seemed to be very kind and funny ! What a shame. I understand you, I lost my dog a long time ago too. Dogs and cats belong to the family. Perhaps, have a new one… Be strong !🌞😻


  2. Je lis ton blog seulement aujourd’hui. Je suis vraiment désolée et triste pour toi.
    J’ai vécu ça plusieurs fois…. et chaque fois j’ai repris un autre chat et chaque fois j’ai retrouvé beaucoup de joie.
    Bon courage à toi. Et bises fort



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