Pleasure Centre.

Kraak &Smaak

Kraak & Smaak – album Pleasure Centre

Just before lockdown I have been thinking of coming back here a little. How? To tell what? And I thought the challenge of writing in English could be interesting. Everyday I read and write in both English and French, but forgive me if I sometimes write incorrectly. Why such a long absence? Because I created my business in seasonal rental and the activity is time consuming, but everything I told you about here, about decoration, has been put to good use in my activity, since my travelers really appreciate decoration of the apartment that I rent. With the new containment measures, I just lost my ideal traveler who rented for professional reasons. I hope that our leaders will not be keen on dragging the economy down because for many people what is lost is lost forever. This morning before all the non-essentials were taken off the supermarket shelves, I ran over to Lidl to buy a toaster in a pretty shaded turquoise shade. And otherwise ? What will I do during these four weeks of confinement? Without a doubt unlike the first lockdown during which I had not stopped doing DIY. In any case, I will try to take advantage of these four weeks of lockdown, I will tell you a little more very quickly.

4 thoughts on “Pleasure Centre.

  1. What a surprise to find you again here ! Everybody have to found a real brainstorming activity or leasure to not see these four weeks… But this second lockdown is different because the season is not the same and we know now how long can be four weeks at home sometimes, even if we are busy. We can’t meet family and friends, we can’t go to the pub or restaurant, we can’t travel. Freedom is important to humans, and we must accept this new kind of life. I am sure you can write us about design, you did it very well before ! Have a good success back here Miss 🌞

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  2. Hey ! you’re right, the first confinement was an experience. We believed switched to summer time and then we had the hope that the virus would die out with fine weather. This time, it’s different, we go towards the holidays and after there are the three months of winter.
    We are no longer flabbergasted, we want to get out economically, and psychologically. It looks like the virus scares us less.
    I hope that I will find the same inspiration as before, and thank you for your fidelity.



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